Membership Application

Here’s how to join the fun!

Step 1.Join the national AACA. Complete this section, annual $40.00 dues.

(If you are a member of the national Antique Automobile Club of America please furnish Card #________________)

Name   ______________________________

Spouse’s Name    ____________________________

Address  ____________________________________________

City    ____________________________________

State   ______________

Zip   ________

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Step 2.

Join the Fort Vancouver – Rose City  Region. Complete this section, annual $15.00 Single dues (a single check for both  memberships if applicable) to:

Fort Vancouver-Rose City Region AACA

c/o Joseph Block

37104 SE Mount Norway Dr

Washougal, Wa 98671


Name      ______________________________

Spouse’s Name  ____________________________


City   ____________________________________

State  ______________

Zip  ________

Home Phone (Landline)   _________________________

Cell Phone   ____________________________

Email Address   _____________________________

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Please list your Classic and Antique vehicles (25 years and older) owned:  Owning a Classic or Antique car is not required for AACA or Region membership.  Just your love and interest in Antique Automobiles

(Note—this information is requested for our membership information only; you aren’t required to own a collectible car to join.)

Year and make

____________________     _____